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Latest News: Saturday, 28 March 2020
ESLAC Trophy Night Cancelled

ESLAC 2020 Trophy Night Cancelled. Please find below a letter from the ESLAC Committee cancelling the ESLAC Trophy Night scheduled to take place on March 29th, 2020.

Dear ESLAC Athletes Parents and Carers,

Unfortunately the ESLAC Trophy night that was scheduled for this Sunday the 29th of March has been postponed until further notice. The committee did try to change the venue to ES Marks where we thought we may be able to maintain the required social distancing but Little Athletics NSW advised that all Little Athletics events must be postponed/cancelled until further notice, leaving us no choice in the matter.

We are very sorry for our athletes missing out on their hard earned and well deserved trophies but we will try and make arrangements to make them available at a later time.

We will post details about our Age Championship winners and Club Champions for the 2019/20 season later in April.

We wish all our ESLAC families the very best as we all try and play our part in the thwarting the spread of the Carona Virus. Sometimes it is when we face situations such as this that we are thankful for the effort that we have put in over a long period to prepare for hard times. The whole reason Little Athletics exists is to help Australian kids grow up to be healthy and happy, so thankyou to all the families who have been participating at ESLAC for the sake of their children’s and family’s health and happiness.  We hope it helps you all stay healthy and safe into the future.


Your ESLAC Committee



Welcome to ESLAC

Eastern Suburbs Little Athletics Centre

From September to March each year ESLAC offers boys and girls, aged 4 to 17, the opportunity to learn, train and compete in a full range of athletic events. Our regular Friday night competitions take place at ES Marks Athletic Field where we aim to continue the Field’s 100 year tradition of community based athletics participation and competition.

The Junior program (Tots aged 4, Under 6s and Under 7s) starts our youngest members off with programs that will develop their coordination, athletic skill and confidence. As our young athletes progress through the age groups, the events in which they participate also progress until, as seniors, they are eligible for dual membership with an adult athletics club.

ESLAC uses electronic timing equipment to accurately time our track events and  with the help of parents and volunteers, results from competition nights are uploaded to our online database where personal best performances (PBs) are flagged for each athlete and a full history of individual results is available 24/7.

What Happens on Friday Night? Each Friday night in the season (see the ESLAC 2019_20 Calendar August 27, 2019) our registered athletes turn up to ES Marks at around 5:30pm. Parents/carers take their little athletes to the age group marshalling area in front of the barbeque where they find their age group flag and catch up with their Little Athletics friends. That gives the parents/carers some time to help set up equipment at the various event locations around ES Marks (see the ESLAC ES Marks Event Locations Map for details). At 5:45pm some of the ESLAC Coaches/Age Managers will take the Little Athletes around the track to start the warm up, then by 6pm the Little Athletes are warmed up and the Events Program is ready to start. The parents/carers come back from helping set up equipment at 6pm and they join their age groups to help out the Age Manager and follow their Little Athletes around the field and enjoy the evening.

Tiny Tots (ages U4/U5) through to U7 do 4 events in 15 minute blocks finishing at 7:00pm. The U8 to U17 age groups do 2 field events that take 40 minutes each and 2 track events that take 20 minutes each, which has them finish their events at 8:00pm.  ESLAC runs a 6 series events program that cycles the age groups through a full range of events over a 6 week rotation. Take a look at ESLAC Event Series 6 to see a typical events series and visit our Events Offered page to see the full range of events on offer at Eastern Suburbs Little Athletics Centre.

The emphasis for all age groups is on fun, friendship and participation but the great thing about Little A’s, as Little Athletics is affectionately known, is that all this is achieved at the same time as our youngsters transform from tots into the athletes of the future.

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