ESLAC Uniform

Each Little Athletics Centre has its own uniform and the State organisation, Little Athletics NSW, requires that all athletes must wear the Centre uniform. School uniforms are not permitted and children will be given one warning to come back next week with the correct uniform. The policy across all Little Athletics centres is “no uniform, no run!”

IMG_1714Accordingly, athletes must compete in the Eastern Suburbs Little Athletics Centre uniform each Friday, wearing their specific Athlete’s Number on their top front. (Parents please don’t get sibling numbers mixed, it confuses the computer!) The Age Group Number must be sewn on the left front leg of the shorts and the sponsor patch (Coles is the sponsor this year) on the top right front shoulder of the singlet/top, as shown in the picture.

Singlets/Tops (as shown on the front page) can only be purchased from ESLAC, along with red shorts, bike pants and compression shorts. If any shorts are purchased elsewhere, they are required by LANSW to be plain red with no logos or stripes and the Age Group Number must still be sewn on the left front leg.

For help with sewing number, age group and logo patches onto the ESLAC uniform please see our Special Offer from Alter to Fit 2019_20. Lucy from Alter to Fit does a professional job at an unbeatable price for ESLAC members.

Uniforms will be available most Friday nights

Available Uniform sizes – 4, 6, 8 ,10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20

–  Singlet (unisex) – $35
–  Crop Top (girls) – $35
–  Shorts (boys) – $30
–  Bike Pants (Girls) – $30
–  Girls Briefs – $30
–  Long Sleeve Warmup Shirts – $25
–  Skins/Compression Shorts – $60
–  Training pants – $35
– Steigen running socks – $20
– Training shirt – $30


Footwear Rules

In an effort to achieve standardisation of rules for Little Athletics across all of Australia
No spikes for athletes U10 and younger. Some of the younger age groups wear “waffles” a light weight running shoe for competitive Track & Field events.Follow us on Social Media for all the latest news from ESLAC
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