Previous Carnival Results

Following are the results of Carnivals held to date in 2014-15:

[] Region Championships, Sylvania, Jan 31 & Feb 1 – All No. 8 Region qualifiers (for ESLAC, see pp 4-5) State T&F Qualifiers 2015 – All Region 8 Centres. For all Region 8 results Region 8 Results Feb 2015.

[] Trans Tasman Challenge, Campbelltown. January 18th. Liam Sartena, one of the 30 NSW athletes chosen in last November’s trials, walked away with a Bronze medal in the B11 Shot Put, a 4th in the Discus and a Gold medal in the Field Relay.

[] Qualifiers from Zone to Region Carnival (for ESLAC, see pp 17-22) Region 8 qualifiers 2014-15

[] Zone Carnival, ES Marks, Dec 13 & 14 – All results Inner City Zone 2014 results

[] State Relays, Homebush Nov 22 & 23. State Relay results Nov 2014

[] Trans Tasman Trials, Campbelltown: Nov 2, 2014. ESLAC B11 athlete Liam Sartena was one of only 30 athletes from across NSW to be selected to represent NSW at the Trans Tasman Challenge against Auckland in January.


To ensure that all times taken at the various LAANSW carnivals are as comparable as possible, it has been agreed to make adjustments as follows:-
[] Any times for events up to and including 400m, taken by handtiming i.e. with stopwatches and timing gates triggered by the gates operator, will be adjusted.
[] This will be an addition of 0.24sec for all track events up to and including 200m.
[] For events over 200m and up to and including 400m, an addition of 0.14sec will be added.
Note that the times in the results sheets published for the Zone and Region Championships will be the time shown by the stopwatch or timing gate, shown in 10th of a second. These times shown will have ‘h’ (for handtiming) next to these track events.